Thursday, July 17, 2014

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Three Sisters and Judge Dunn Confusion.

"I think the judge was confused because he began talking about the special purpose entities (SPE’s) in Three Sisters.  “Click here for an explanation of SPE’s” "

Judge Dunn and Stephanie DeYoung Hearing

Kevin Padrick KNEW Stephanie was posting about him online, yet he sued Blogger Crystal Cox for 10 MILLION and LIED that Cox was the only one reporting on this story. Looks like perjury to me and now to prove Cox had MALICE when Padrick is FULL OF MALICE and LIES.

Kevin Padrick Declaration in Summit

Where did Obsidian GO? Well ya know the INSIDER Kevin Padrick signed that contract then took that $100,000 then he just went away. Oh there he is, all the sudden the TRUSTEE betting $500 and hour attorney fees I think, and well 15% commission and all kinds of PAY OFF and for 5 years.

I wonder how many times that Kevin Padrick really has Perjured himself? I believe he did at my trial, and sure seemed to in the Summit Bankruptcy, oh and the Cascadian case.. oh in my OPINION.

"There is a ton of inaccurate information in Kevin’s declaratory statement, but I can only post 1 at a time.

Why would I bring a tape recorder into the courtrooms when each and every hearing is taped?  These tapings are public and anyone can order them.  That is what I did, but Kevin wanted to try to discredit me in the court by saying I broke Court’s local rules.  I like how Kevin saves his tail by stating in his attorney language that “it appears to be an audio recording that she made during an official court hearing…”
Below is an email from the US Clerks Office:
“Attached is a scanned copy of the CD request by Stephanie Studebaker-DeYoung for the February 11 hearing in Summit Accommodators Inc.
vs. Inland Capital Corp., Case No. 09-3023. The order was submitted by Ms.
Studebaker-DeYoung and filled by the court in May. I understand that Ms.
Bjerk requested to know on July 17 whether anyone had ordered a recording of this hearing and, although the courtroom deputies searched the CD requests, they overlooked this one. I am very sorry that we did not give out the correct information.
I will notify Judge Dunn of the CD request to correct the erroneous impression that Ms. Studebaker-DeYoung violated court rules by making her own recording of the hearing without court permission.
I apologize again for the court’s failure to produce the information requested by Ms. Bjerk.
Charlene M. Hiss, Chief Deputy/Acting Clerk U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Oregon


Does Liberty Mutual Insurance Company care about the action of Kevin Padrick? Or if he was an INSIDER and had a legal right to be the Summit Trustee? Does the IRS Care?

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Zurich Bond

Kevin Padrick contracted by Summit should have got these bonds timely? Well and also Kevin Padrick sure seems like and INSIDER to me.

"Creditor Information…$10 Million Dollars in Bonds

Dear 1031 Exchangers,
It has come to my attention that some or maybe all exchangers were not told about the $10 Million in Bonds Summit Accommodators Inc has of which none has been retrieved by the Chapter 11 Trustee, Kevin Padrick.  We are now 9 Months into this bankruptcy and there has been no word on the collection of this Bond money.  Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance were supposed to be the people getting these Bonds since they were contracted by Summit Accommodators back on December 19, 2008.
Instead, Kevin Padrick, is focusing his energies on me and innocent parties who owe little to none to the estate while there is $10 Million due to the Summit Estate from the Bond Companies.
So that you exchangers have all the information you need to deal with what you need to deal with in this case, I have provided the bond information below.